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DropBox – Easy File Sharing Over the Web

May 22nd, 2009

DropBoxFor those that use multiple computers and like to have some of the same files accessible on both, or you frequently share files with other people over the web, this one’s for you. Dropbox creates a folder on your Mac (your Dropbox) that is stored on your Mac and stored on the Dropbox servers at the same time. When you drag a file in the folder, it automatically updates the copy on their servers, and keeps a local copy. The local copy helps when you don’t have an internet connection and you need to access the files.

Share with others Dropbox can be used as a backup system (see previous post), but I like to use it to share files. Do you have a colleague across the country (or the office) that you collaborate with? In the Dropbox web interface you can share a folder and allow access by giving your colleague’s email address. Once they sign up and install the application, they’ll automatically see the shared folder in their drop box. When you put a file in the shared folder, seconds later it shows up on their end, along with a notification that a file was added. They offer clients for Mac, Windows and Linux, along with a web interface.

Share with yourself Install the application on two or more of your computers. Login using the same user name and password. Drop one file from one computer and it will soon show up on the other.

Other tricks If you’d like to control the fonts, iWork templates or folders across multiple mobile computers, here’s a quick and dirty method to do it. Create a shared folder with the required files, then create an alias on the user’s computer of the shared folder and place it in the desired location, replacing the original folder with the alias. The next time the user connects to the internet, all the files you made to files in the shared folder will get updated automatically.

How much? Free if you store under 2GB, $10 a month for up to 50GB, $20 a month for 100GB.

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