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Eye-Fi SD Card With Built in Wifi

May 20th, 2009

efcard_in_actionjpgAs an avid photographer and gadget freak, I love trying out new goodies. I got a chance to play around with the Eye-Fi 2GB Share SD card, and it’s pretty slick. Basically it’s a regular SD card that you put in your digital camera, but with a Wifi chip that allows you to upload over a wifi connection (sans computer) and geo-tag your images (if in the presence of a wifi connection when taking pictures).

When you first put the card in your computer you’ll need to install the application and setup an account with Eye-Fi. Once that’s done you can choose where you want pics to upload to (Mobile Me, Flickr, Facebook etc.). You can also chose whether or not you want the images to get downloaded to your computer also. When your camera is turned on and connected via Wifi, it automatically upload pics to the selected service. If your computer is on the same network, images can get uploaded there at the same time. The upload is relatively quick for small images, but if you have a full card, plan on the upload taking a while.

You’ll have to modify the settings on your camera so it stays on (this gives it time to upload the images, but burns battery life). There was one hitch however with the uploading in iPhoto. Every imported image was treated as it’s own event, which for sorting purposes can be kind of a pain. Otherwise, Eye-Fi worked great. It’s a little pricey for the amount of storage that you get, but that’s far outweighed by the convenience of uploading over wifi.

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