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iPhone 3.0 – Find My iPhone

June 10th, 2009

findmyphoneWith the release of the 3.0 iPhone software on June 17th comes a new feature called Find My iPhone.

This new feature requires MobileMe and will work with all iPhones. Once you enable the feature on your iPhone, you’ll be able to log into and bring up your iPhone’s approximate location on a map.

In addition to the location of your iPhone, you’ll also be able to display custom messages on your iPhone’s screen like, “I left my phone at your place, I’ll be back in a bit to pick it up.”

If you loose your iPhone at home (it’s always in the couch,) you can play an alert sound to lead you to it. A feature I know I’ll use.

If you’re a secret agent (or at least like the idea of being one) you can “leave” your iPhone with someone to track their location. This definitely brings up some privacy concerns, but since you have to sacrifice use of your phone, I doubt this will be an issue.

Speaking of privacy, you’ll also be able to remotely wipe all of the data on your iPhone. This feature is currently available for some enterprise customers and will come in handy in the case your iPhone is stolen. If you later find your iPhone, you can just re-sync to bring everything back.

MobileMe users also get some great file sharing and mobile iDisk access for the iPhone and iPod Touch with the new 3.0 software.

These added features make MobileMe an easier sell and add significant value to existing users.

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