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Archive for July 13th, 2009

iMac – Fans Always On

July 13th, 2009 2 comments
Inside of iMac G5. Temp Sensors Highlighted.

Inside of an iMac G5. Temperature Sensors Highlighted.

Machine Type: iMac Intel or G5

Symptom: Fans are always running (come on more often) after a hard drive upgrade or service.

Likely Cause: Temperature sensors were not reseated properly.

The temperature sensors help tell the computer when to turn the fans on and what speed they run.

On the iMac, there are temp sensors over the optical and hard drive. If these sensors aren’t secured properly in the right position to a new drive, the readings may not be accurate causing the fans to come on when they shouldn’t.

Since the temp sensors are originally applied using sticky glue, they should be secured back into place when installing a new hard drive or optical.

We’ve seen a lot of cases of iMacs coming in with the fans always on after someone (not MyService) installed a new hard drive. The temp sensor was usually in the wrong place or had come loose inside the case.

If you’ve done a DIY upgrade, make sure to check the temp sensors first if you are experiencing any fan issues.

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Barnes & Noble App – Find Products With Your Camera

July 13th, 2009 No comments

Barnes & Noble has released a free iPhone App. Cool and all, but what’s so exiting about that?

In addition to the standard stuff like a store locator and local events, this app allows you to search the B & N store for media just by taking a picture of the book, DVD or CD you’re looking for.

Barnes & Noble iPhone App

Barnes & Noble iPhone App. Search using your camera.

This is great for price shopping while at other retailers and searching via picture is a lot faster than typing. If you’re over at a friends house and like the coffee table book, a quick pic and you’ve got the details. I tried it out on a number of books and DVDs and the technology is very accurate.

This app is a great example of using the hardware of the iPhone (camera and location) to make a faster, better user experience than you can get via a standard web interface.

[ Barnes & Noble App ]  Side Note: My local B&N was offering a free cup of coffee with download.