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Barnes & Noble App – Find Products With Your Camera

July 13th, 2009

Barnes & Noble has released a free iPhone App. Cool and all, but what’s so exiting about that?

In addition to the standard stuff like a store locator and local events, this app allows you to search the B & N store for media just by taking a picture of the book, DVD or CD you’re looking for.

Barnes & Noble iPhone App

Barnes & Noble iPhone App. Search using your camera.

This is great for price shopping while at other retailers and searching via picture is a lot faster than typing. If you’re over at a friends house and like the coffee table book, a quick pic and you’ve got the details. I tried it out on a number of books and DVDs and the technology is very accurate.

This app is a great example of using the hardware of the iPhone (camera and location) to make a faster, better user experience than you can get via a standard web interface.

[ Barnes & Noble App ]  Side Note: My local B&N was offering a free cup of coffee with download.

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