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Archive for September 9th, 2009

iPod Touch 3.1 Software Update

September 9th, 2009 No comments


Version 3.1 of the iPod Touch software is now available.

This version adds iTunes 9 functionality including Genius Mixes and App Store recommendations.

The update is a free upgrade if you have 3.0 installed on your iPod Touch or $4.95 to upgrade for an older version.

To see what version your iPod Touch is running, you can go to Settings>General>About

[ Download the update ] [ Learn more about 3.1 for the iPod Touch ]

iPhone 3.1 Software Update Features [u]

September 9th, 2009 No comments

iPhone-3.1Version 3.1 of the iPhone software is now available for free download.

This version adds the following bug fixes and new features:

  • Genius recommendations for Apps
  • iTunes 9 support – genius mixes, organize your iPhone apps using iTunes on your computer, more syncing options
  • More iTunes account control – redeeming gift cards and displaying available credits.
  • Browse, buy and download ringtones.
  • More save options when working with video clips
  • Voice Control over Bluetooth headsets
  • Past phone numbers into the keypad
  • Anti-phising warnings in Safari
  • Improved Exchange syncing

icon-bluetooth-20090608Voice Control over Bluetooth is a welcome addition if you use a bluetooth headset while driving (like we all have to in California.)

Ring tones are $1.29. A 29 cent premium to not have to cut the track ourselves, not too bad.

The update is a 300MB download and is for all iPhones.

Connect your iPhone to iTunes, select your iPhone in the devices list and click “check for updates.”

[UPDATED] We recommend installing iTunes 9 first, and then installing 3.1. Total install time seems to be faster in that order.

[ Apple iPhone 3.1 Features ]

Meet The New iPods

September 9th, 2009 No comments

Apple has announced the new iPod lineup today at their “It’s only rock and roll event.” The only iPod to include the much rumored camera was the new Nano. While the storage capacity went up and the prices dropped across the board, only the new Nano saw dramatic improvements.

Let’s take a look at the new lineup.

New-iPod-TouchiPod Touch

New 32GB & 64GB models will have enhanced Open GL (faster/better graphics.) We may start to see model specific requirements for games in the not so near future. The entry level price point is now $199 for the 8GB.

The biggest news here is that there was no news. No camera, no GPS, no mic and no compass. Nothing from our wish-list was added.

8GB – $199

32GB – $299

64GB – $399


New-iPod-ClassiciPod Classic

Stays the same as before, but the storage is increased from 120GB to 160GB.

Glad they kept this one in the lineup as these are great for use in the car or for mirroring your entire iTunes library. Until the memory capacity on the Touch reaches over 100Gbs, there will still be a market for the Classic.

Wasn’t expecting any new features on this model, as the Classic has been more of a utility device than a full feature filled one.

160GB – $249


New-iPod-NanoiPod Nano

Built in video camera (but no stills.) Speaker. Mic. FM Radio. Pedometer. 2.2 inch display. New glossy colors.

This one may be the hot ticket item this holiday season.

Apple has used a new polished aluminum finish that looks great (in pics at least.) Depending on durability, this new finish would look nice on new MacBooks.

8GB – $149

16GB – $179


New-ShuffleiPod Shuffle

New colors – pink, green, blue, silver, black and special edition stainless steel. 3rd party headphones are now available that can control playback. Shuffle talks to you (i.e. your battery is running low.)

The lack of buttons (you have to either voice control, or use special headphones) was viewed by many as a mistake and the rumors were that Apple would be changing the design of the shuffle yet again.

It seems that Apple believes in the current form factor.

2GB – $59

4GB – $79

All models are available now (except the 64GB Touch which shows a ship date of 1 to 2 days.) You can check out all of the new iPods (and iTunes 9) here.