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Google Maps Navigation On The iPhone?

October 28th, 2009

Google_Navigation_Street_ViewGoogle has announced that Google Maps Navigation is coming with the release of the new Motorola Droid.

Navigation is also coming to other Android 2.0 devices, but what about the iPhone?

Navigation is part of Google Maps Mobile which is available for other devices (iPhone, Blackberry, WinMO, Nokia, etc.) but no word yet on wether the new Navigation feature will be made available for these devices.

The Google Maps Navigation demo looks very cool. It’s a free turn by turn internet connected GPS navigation system that looks like it will pretty much put the standalone GPS market (TomTom, Garmin) out of business.

Features like this will definitely make people want an Android phone. So will Google keep these goodies for themselves as a differentiator (like Apple does with iTunes) or will they slow release these new features to other handsets to give Android a short term boost?

I hope Google keeps with their tradition of releasing products to as many devices as possible. That way we get great features like this, combined with the benefits of the iPhone. Is it too much to ask? Time will tell.

Check out the Navigation demo.

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