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Archive for December, 2009

iPhone Inside An iPhone? Why Not

December 23rd, 2009 No comments

Check out this augmented reality app from Orange wireless. Not only is this a virtual iPhone, you can actually control the iPhone from inside the app. The more I see of augmented reality applications, the more I like.

[ Ogmento via Gizmodo ]

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Last Minute Mac Shopping

December 21st, 2009 No comments

Apple-Store-ShippingIf you’re looking to get some Apple related gifts online before Christmas, the Apple Store is offering free next day shipping on most of their products.

Amazon also offers most of the same items (without sales tax of course) with today being the last day of free standard shipping to arrive before Christmas.

Also, if you’re going to be getting your Mac fan a Apple gift card, remember that their are 3 types of cards.

iTunes Gift Cards which can be used for music, movie and App store purchases.

Apple Gift Cards which can be used on computers, accessories and iTunes stuff.

iPhone Gift Cards which allow you to give someone an iPhone (they need to be there to pick up the actual phone.)

If you’re not sure which one to get, the Apple Gift Card is the way to go as it will work with anything.

Happy shopping.

[ Amazon Shipping Info ] [ Apple Store ]

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LaCie – One Of Our Favorite Brands

December 17th, 2009 1 comment

lacie_logoWe’ve been big fans of the accessory maker LaCie since we started using their external hard drives in the early 2000’s.

LaCie, a french company with offices in the U.S., is probably best known for their well designed storage products but also make displays and other accessories.

Like Apple, LaCie makes both visually interesting products (like their lego inspired brick drives) and functionally relevant products (like their rugged line of mobile drives.) The look of most LaCie products match well with the Mac aesthetic while adding their own design twist.

The quality of case materials and choice of higher end internal components helps LaCie stand out in a crowded market of storage manufacturers. They are quick to deliver the latest (biggest and thinnest) drive technology and offer unique case applications like a safe hard drive with fingerprint access built in.

If you appreciate design’s role in technology (and by using a Mac you most likely do) we highly recommend checking out LaCie for your next external hard drive.
[ LaCie ]

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Control Your Thermostat From Your iPhone

December 10th, 2009 No comments

It’s cold in sunny California and that means playing with the thermostat. How cool would it be to be able to control the heater from the warmth of the bed? Or turn the heater on 10 minutes before we get home? Well it turns out, we can.

Ecobee sells a full color wifi enabled touch screen thermostat that can be remotely accessed via web or iPhone app.


Most newer thermostats are compatible with the majority of existing heating/cooling systems so the the upgrade should be pretty straightforward.

Setting schedules on older units can be a real nightmare and having the heater automatically heat an empty house when you go catch a movie is a total waste.

Smart, easy to use setups like this are what the whole smart grid movement is all about. While not cheap (around $350 – $450 for the unit) the iPhone app is free and hopefully the energy savings will be able to pay for itself over time. The novelty factor of a color touch screen and iPhone control are not lost on me. Could make a good holiday gift for your Tony Stark wannabe.

[ ecobee ] [ On Sale Here for $350 ] [ ecobee Smart Thermostat App ]

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Our Favorite DO NOT Give Gift Of The Season

December 9th, 2009 2 comments

Laptop_Wheel_DeskYes, this product is real.

One of our FaceBook fans sent us the info on the Laptop Steering Wheel Desk available from Amazon.

Although they recommend not to use this while driving, you know someone will. The customer “reviews” are pretty hilarious and worth a read.

If you know someone with a laptop, a car and a death wish, this $20 item may make the perfect present, otherwise DO NOT give this gift.

Thanks Chris!

[ Laptop Steering Wheel Desk ]

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MyService Is Hiring [U]

December 3rd, 2009 No comments


We are currently hiring a full-time Service Advisor for our Santa Clara, CA location.

We’ve received over 1,000 applicants in two days on Craigslist but we want to know if you have any good referrals for the position.

Anyone who applies through a referral will move to the top of the list.

Here’s a link to our add on Craigslist if you or someone you know has a passion for Macs, awesome customer service skills and wants to work with a great company.

Please type MyService Referral in the subject line of your craigslist reply so we know who you are.

Thanks for the help and if your referral gets the job, we’ve got a $50 Apple gift card with your name on it!

Update – This position has been filled. We’ll post new openings as they become available.

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2010 Apple Product Announcements. Macworld, CES or Something Else?

December 2nd, 2009 1 comment

Yes, it's still happening.

With Apple’s decision last year to no longer exhibit at the Macworld conference in San Francisco, the first question became, when and where can we exect those flashy new product announcements we’ve all grown to love?

The answer in part was that Apple beefed up their own WWDC conference to include top level keynotes and product announcements, combined with smaller press events to announce new iPods and other devices throughout the year.

With CES and Macworld conferences overlapping in the past, some thought the Apple may just switch to the CES venue for their early year announcements, however Apple is not listed as an exhibiter for this year’s conference.

While Apple can easily rally the press for a special event to show off and announce new hardware, nothing quite builds the excitement and word of mouth as a trade show. Yes I know trade shows may be a dying breed, but the mixture of different vendors and the general public (fans) can add a lot to the hype of a product announcement, which translates into early sales (a la iPhone.)

So while we all know they are going to be some exiting Apple tablets products on the horizon next year, the question is when and where will we first get to see them?

My guess is that Apple will continue to make their own special events grander (live streaming video already) and maybe tie in some working demos of “coming soon products” inside of select Apple Stores. That way, people all across the country can check out the latest wares and feel part of the announcement.