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Control Your Thermostat From Your iPhone

December 10th, 2009

It’s cold in sunny California and that means playing with the thermostat. How cool would it be to be able to control the heater from the warmth of the bed? Or turn the heater on 10 minutes before we get home? Well it turns out, we can.

Ecobee sells a full color wifi enabled touch screen thermostat that can be remotely accessed via web or iPhone app.


Most newer thermostats are compatible with the majority of existing heating/cooling systems so the the upgrade should be pretty straightforward.

Setting schedules on older units can be a real nightmare and having the heater automatically heat an empty house when you go catch a movie is a total waste.

Smart, easy to use setups like this are what the whole smart grid movement is all about. While not cheap (around $350 – $450 for the unit) the iPhone app is free and hopefully the energy savings will be able to pay for itself over time. The novelty factor of a color touch screen and iPhone control are not lost on me. Could make a good holiday gift for your Tony Stark wannabe.

[ ecobee ] [ On Sale Here for $350 ] [ ecobee Smart Thermostat App ]

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