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Blinking Green Light on MacBook Pro MagSafe

November 16th, 2010

Customer Provided Symptom: “When the Magsafe charger is plugged into the computer, the light blinks green (does not blink green AND orange) and does not charge the battery. Computer does not turn on even with PRAM reset and SMC reset.”

Mac Type: MacBook Pro 13″

Likely Causes: This is most likely caused by a power issue with the DC-In or logic board. It’s also possible that the internal battery or MagSafe adapter itself has failed.

Solutions: The first step would be to try a different MagSafe adapter. If the problem persists, then the next step would be to have your Mac checked out by an Apple Authorized Service Provider like MyService.

We often see this issue after a liquid spill, however It could just be a shorted out or failed part. Our diagnostic steps include replacing the battery, swapping out the DC-in board and finally diagnosing the logic board itself. MyService can replace or repair any of these parts.

If your MacBook Pro is experiencing this problem, you can send it to MyService for our Free Diagnostic. We’ll determine which part(s) have failed and provide you with options to fix the issue.

MyService Free Diagnostic ]

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