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FileSalvage – Undelete and Recover Lost Files In OS X

November 19th, 2010

Accidentally deleted files or need help recovering data off of a failing hard drive? FileSavage for OS X is one of the software tools that we use and can often help get those files back.

When you “empty the trash” in OS X, the system tells itself that the space where that file was is now available to be written over, but often this won’t happen for some time. If you run a program like FileSavage, it can find that space and often recover the file. If you’ve selected “Secure Empty Trash” (by holding down the command key when clicking and holding over the trash icon) you’re out of luck as the system immediately writes over that data.

If you can’t mount a hard drive because it’s failing, FileSavage can scan the drive and possibly recover files to another drive. The likelihood of success is usually dictated by the state of the drive (loud, slow clicking is not a good sign.) FileSave can recognize over 100 different file types, a complete list is shown on their product page.

Although other programs offer similar functionality, Data Rescue is another one of our favorites, often one will work where another doesn’t. So if you’ve had no luck using one program, another may deliver better results.

FileSavage works with PPC and Intel Macs running 10.4 or later and is available as a CD or digital download.

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