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3TB 7200RPM Hitachi Deskstar 7K3000 Drive – Now In Stock

February 2nd, 2011

MyService now has the new 3TB (3,000GB!) hard drive in stock. We offer the 3TB hard drive as an upgrade for iMacs and Mac Pros for $299. The price includes the drive, installation and data transfer. We return your old drive to you to use as a backup.

Here are the technical details on the drive:

Model HDS723030ALA640
Interface SATA 6Gb/s
Capacity (GB) 3TB
Sector size (variable, Bytes/sector) 512
Max areal density (Gbits/sq. in.) 411
Data buffer (MB) 64
Rotational Speed (RPM) 7200
Media transfer rate (Mbits/sec, max) 1656
Interface transfer rate (MB/sec, max) 600
Error Rate (non-recoverable, bits read) 1 in 1014
Load/Unload Cycles 3TB: 600,000
Availability (hrs/day x days/wk) 24×7
Idle (Bels) 3TB: 2.9
Requirement 3TB: +5 VDC (+/-5%) +12 VDC (+10%/-8%)
Requirement: Start-up (W, peak, max) 1.2 (+5V), 2.0 (+12V)
Performance Idle 3TB: 6.8
Physical size
Z-height (mm) 26.1
Dimensions (width x depth, mm) 101.6 (+/-0.25) x 147
Weight (g, max) 3TB: 690
Environmental (operating)
Ambient temperature 3TB: 5º to 60º C
Relative Humidity 8% to 90%
Shock (half-sine wave) 70
Vibration 0.67 (XYZ) (G RMS 5 to 500Hz)
Environmental (non-operating)
Ambient temperature -40º to 70ºC
Relative Humidity 5% to 95%
Shock (half-sine wave) 3TB: 300 (1ms)
Vibration 1.04 (XYZ) (G RMS 2 to 200Hz)

Bottom line – this drive is big, fast and efficient.

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