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A New Kind of Digital Book Defines Innovation

February 9th, 2011

PushPopPressImmersed in the Apple environment, a certain amount of elegance becomes expected in the products we use. Mac users are quick to embrace hardware, software and peripherals that demonstrate thoughtful design and attention to detail. Not to say that people have become blasé about it, but it has become tougher to get that “Wow” reaction. If that is the case, be prepared for a double dose of “Wow” when Push Pop Press releases the first in a new class of digital book. Their vision of books running as apps on the iPad (and other iOS devices), filled with multimedia content, is different from anything seen so far. Although not available yet, an early description provides some background and detail. Clearly this impressive team has learned well from Apple.

The breakthrough is how they are planning to present the material. An innovative interface, that largely eliminates the visual elements that we are accustomed to, and instead lets intuitive use of multi-touch gestures, provides an entirely new experience. Look for their first title later this year.

Push Pop Press ] [ Daring FireBall ]

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