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Zeppelin Air – B&W’s Premium AirPlay Speaker

January 5th, 2011 No comments

B&W has announced their new Zeppelin Air iPod speaker system. This premium speaker system will use Apple’s new AirPlay technology to wirelessly send music from your iPhone, iPod, iPad or Mac.

The new Zeppelin Air will be available in March and will retail around $600, placing at the high end of this segment.

While we’re still waiting for pricing and availability details on the upcoming AirPlay wireless stereo from iHome, the new Zeppelin Air looks to be a strong, albeit pricey, AirPlay contender.

[ B&W Zeppelin Air ]

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Eye-Fi Direct Mode Wirelessly Sends Photos to Your Mac, iPhone or iPad

January 4th, 2011 No comments

Eye-Fi, makers of Wi-Fi enabled memory cards, has announced a new Direct Mode for sharing photos from your camera to your mobile device without the need of a Wi-Fi network.

The new Direct Mode works by creating an ad hoc wireless network with your iPhone, iPad or MacBook so you can instantly send photos from your camera to your mobile device.

The main benefit of this solution is the ability to use your favorite digital camera and immediately get the photo sharing and tagging benefits of your smartphone or mobile device.

The new Direct Mode will also be available as an update for current Eye-Fi X2 cards later this year.

[ Eye-Fi ]

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2010 Apple Product Announcements. Macworld, CES or Something Else?

December 2nd, 2009 1 comment

Yes, it's still happening.

With Apple’s decision last year to no longer exhibit at the Macworld conference in San Francisco, the first question became, when and where can we exect those flashy new product announcements we’ve all grown to love?

The answer in part was that Apple beefed up their own WWDC conference to include top level keynotes and product announcements, combined with smaller press events to announce new iPods and other devices throughout the year.

With CES and Macworld conferences overlapping in the past, some thought the Apple may just switch to the CES venue for their early year announcements, however Apple is not listed as an exhibiter for this year’s conference.

While Apple can easily rally the press for a special event to show off and announce new hardware, nothing quite builds the excitement and word of mouth as a trade show. Yes I know trade shows may be a dying breed, but the mixture of different vendors and the general public (fans) can add a lot to the hype of a product announcement, which translates into early sales (a la iPhone.)

So while we all know they are going to be some exiting Apple tablets products on the horizon next year, the question is when and where will we first get to see them?

My guess is that Apple will continue to make their own special events grander (live streaming video already) and maybe tie in some working demos of “coming soon products” inside of select Apple Stores. That way, people all across the country can check out the latest wares and feel part of the announcement.