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Growl – OS X Notifications

June 25th, 2009 No comments
Example of a Growl notification.

Example of a Growl notification.

Growl is a free OS X utility that provides application notifications.

Notifications display new information from your applications without having to switch to that application.

For example you can setup an Ebay notification using Growl that will alert you when an auction is ending. A widget like (and highly customizable) popup will display info on that auction when the time comes.

Its very similar to the push notifications that are being implemented on the Palm Pre and iPhone 3.0.

The setup takes a little work up front but can save you some time in the end.

[ Growl ] [ List of applications that use Growl ]

Snow Leopard Server Preview – iCal Server 2

June 16th, 2009 No comments

iCal Server 2With the release of Snow Leopard Server, iCal Server gets pushed from version 1 to 2. For those with previous dealings with iCal server, you have most likely had a less than pleasant experience. Hopefully Snow Leopard will fix that. iCal provides services using the CalDAV protocol. Below are a few new things Apple has promised to include.

Over The Air First there’s over the air (OTA) syncing straight to the server via your iPhone. You can configure your iPhone to see calendar events, invitations and notes over your 3G or Edge connection.

Push Notifications Is there an event you’ve responded to that’s been changed? iCal Server 2 will push out notifications to attendees. Expect to see some kind of alert notice within your calendar on your iPhone or iCal desktop application.

New Web Interface For those that would like access to their calendar via a web browser, a new web-based calendar client is included. I’m hoping it looks similar to MobileMe, we’ll have to wait and see.

With all of these new features, some may work well and others not so well, so stay tuned after Snow Leopard Server is released in September for a full review. Image courtesy of Apple.