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Mac Laptop Casing
Casing and Keyboards for MacBooks

Keyboard Replacements

For MacBook Pro, PowerBook G4, iBook

Keyboard Replacement $189
Bottom Case - Apple Laptop Case Repair

New casings bring looks and functionality back to your Mac laptop. The bottom case is the lower part of your laptop where the ports are found.

MacBook Pro 17" Unibody Bottom $249
MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Bottom $199
MacBook Pro 15" Retina Bottom $199
MacBook Pro 17" Bottom Case $299
MacBook Pro 15" Bottom Case $299
MacBook Unibody Bottom Case $199
MacBook Bottom Case $229
MacBook Air Bottom Case 1st Gen $249
MacBook Air Bottom Case 2nd Gen $179
PowerBook 17" Bottom Case $299
PowerBook 15" Bottom Case $299
PowerBook 12" Bottom Case $229
iBook G3 / G4 Bottom Case $169
Top Case - Apple Laptop Case Repair

The top case is the case where the keyboard sits and includes the trackpad, power button and palm rest area. On the 13" MacBook, the top case includes the keyboard. New casings bring looks and functionality back to your Mac laptop.

MacBook Pro 17" Unibody Top Case w/ Keyboard $399
MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Top Case w/ Keyboard $349
MacBook Pro 15" Retina Top Case w/ Battery $749
MacBook Pro 17" Top Case $299
MacBook Pro 15" Top Case $299
MacBook Unibody Top Case w/ Keyboard $349
MacBook Top Case/Keyboard $229
MacBook Air Top Case/Keyboard 1st Gen $249
MacBook Air Top Case/Keyboard 2nd Gen $299
PowerBook 17" Top Case $299
PowerBook 15" Top Case $249
PowerBook 12" Top Case $199
iBook G3 / G4 Top Case $199
Trackpad - Apple Laptop Case Repair

MacService can replace the multi-touch trackpad on the MacBook Air, MacBook (unibody white) and MacBook Pro (black keyboard.) The trackpad can often become unresponsive due to a liquid spill. If certain areas of the trackpad stop working properly a new trackpad may be required.

Trackpad Replacement $199
For all models of MacBook Air, MacBook Pro (Black Keyboard/Non Retina) and White Unibody MacBook.
Retina Trackpad Replacement $299
For 15" MacBook Pro Retina Models only.
Hinge Replacements

The hinge connects the display to the rest of the computer. Hinges may come with the display bezel or clutch cover depending on the model. Note: Titanium G4 Hinges are no longer available.

MacBook Pro Hinges w/ Bezel (Core Duo) $199
MacBook Pro Hinges w/ Bezel (Core 2 Duo) $299
MacBook Hinges $199
PowerBook G4 15" Hinges w/ Bezel (Aluminum Model/Silver Keyboard only) $229
PowerBook G4 12" Hinges w/ Bezel $229
iBook G3/G4 12" & 14" Hinges $199
Display Housing

AKA the display backing. This is the back cover of the LCD Display where the apple logo is located.

MacBook Pro 15" Disp Housing $179
MacBook Display Housing $199
PowerBook 15" LCD Housing $179
PowerBook 12" Bezel w/ Latch $179
PowerBook 12" LCD Housing $179
iBook G3 / G4 Display Housing $169

**Not available for all models of 15" MacBook Pro

* Round Trip Shipping and diagnostics are free with any approved service. If you decide to decline service once your laptop arrives at MacService, there is a $49 decline fee. Free RAM installation is valid with any other approved repair. A $49 installation fee will apply for RAM installed without any other service.

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