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Mac Hard Drives
Replacements & Upgrades for MacBooks

Fast & Easy Service

MacService makes it fast and easy to replace your Mac's failing hard drive or upgrade to a larger hard drive.

All pricing includes: free round trip shipping, professional installation and data transfer*

Data Ready

All prices include the transfer of your current Mac data to the new hard drive. If your current hard drive is not working properly and the data cannot be transferred, MacService will install a base OS on the new hard drive. Data Recovery is also available. Your current drive is always returned to you.

Note: Boot camp and Windows data may not be transfered.

Common Symptoms

Flashing "?" Clicking noises. Slow access. These can all be signs of a failing hard drive. If you suspect your drive may be failing, try to back up important files ASAP.

Store More

Upgrade your Mac's storage with hard drives up to 1TB. 7200rpm drives transfer data faster and will increase overall machine speed with little impact on battery life.

Quality Drives / Awesome Warranty

MacService installs only the highest quality brand new hard drives. All hard drives come with 3 to 5 year warranties. If the hard drive fails during the warranty period, MacService will replace it with a brand new drive.


SATA and PATA refer to the technology used to connect hard drives to the computer. SATA and PATA connections are physically different so the drives are not interchangeable. SATA drives are found in the MacBook line, while PATA drives are found in PowerBooks, Apple TVs and iBooks.

MacBook & MacBook Pro Hard Drive Upgrades
320GB 5400rpm $199
320GB 7200rpm $219
500GB 5400rpm $229
500GB 7200rpm $249
1TB 5400rpm $279
1TB 7200rpm $299
1TB Hybrid SSD/HD $349
120GB Solid State Drive $199
240GB Solid State Drive $269
480GB Solid State Drive $449
1TB Solid State Drive $599

Retina MacBook Pro SSD Upgrades
240GB Solid State Drive $379
480GB Solid State Drive $549
Retina SSDs for 2012-Early 2013 models only.

PowerBook G4 & iBook G4 Hard Drive Upgrades
160GB 5400rpm $209
*Not available for iBook G3 or PowerBook G4 400/500Mhz

MacBook Air 1st Gen Hard Drive Upgrades
80GB $249
60GB SSD $349
128GB SSD $449

MacBook Air 2nd/3rd Gen Hard Drive Upgrades
120GB $279
120GB SSD $299
240GB SSD $399
480GB SSD $549

MacBook Air 2010 - Current Hard Drive Upgrades
120GB SSD $299
240GB SSD $399
480GB SSD $549
MacBook Air hard drive prices shown are exchange prices.
MacBook Air hard drives come with a 90 day warranty through Apple.
The old drive is returned to Apple.
1st gen MacBook Airs cannot use 2nd/3rd Gen drives and vice versa. SSD upgrades are not availabale on 2013 models.

All Prices include round trip shipping, installation & data transfer*

* Data transfer is included for all healthy hard drives. Data may not be able to be transferred if the current hard drive experiences issues during data migration or is failing. Round Trip Shipping and diagnostics are free with any approved service. If you decide to decline service once your laptop arrives at MacService, there is a $49 decline fee. Free RAM installation is valid with any other approved repair. A $49 installation fee will apply for RAM installed without any other service.

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