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Mac Laptop Logic Boards
Logic Board Repair for MacBooks, PowerBooks & iBooks

Free Logic Board Diagnostic

All Macs that arrive at MacService for logic board repair go through a complete diagnostic beforehand to verify that the symptom is in fact related to the logic board.

Quality Logic Board Repairs

Bring your Mac back to proper functionality with a logic board repair from MacService. The logic board is the main board where most of the components on your Mac live. MacService technicians use the latest tools and quality components to repair your Mac.

Tested and Certified

All logic board repairs are extensively tested and come with a 6 month warranty. Some logic board repairs may require longer testing periods to re-create original problems and certify the repair after the service is complete. Average turnaround is 3 business days after arrival at MacService, however some repairs may take longer to complete. There is no charge for the attempt (excluding shipping costs) if your logic board cannot be repaired.

Common Symptoms:

MacBook Pro Unibody (Black Keyboard)
All 13" Models $399
All 15" Models $599
All 17" Models $699

MacBook Pro (Silver Keyboard)
All 15" Models $499
All 17" Models $599

MacBook 13" (White & Black)
All Models $299

MacBook 13" Unibody
13" Model $299

MacBook Air
All Models $399

PowerBook G4 17"
All Models $349

PowerBook G4 15"
All Models $299

PowerBook G4 15" Titanium (Black Keyboard)
All Models $299

PowerBook G4 12"
All Models $299

iBook G4 14" & 12"
All 14" Models $299
All 12" Models $249

iBook G3 14" & 12"
All 14" Models $249
All 12" Models $199
All prices include free round trip shipping and installation. details
Which Mac do I have?

* Round Trip Shipping and diagnostics are free with any approved service. If you decide to decline service once your laptop arrives at MacService, there is a $49 decline fee. Free RAM installation is valid with any other approved repair. A $49 installation fee will apply for RAM installed without any other service.

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